We gathered, around the world (all continents), to celebrate the health and the power of the human body on Oct 16, 2020!

This was the main, Miami-based livestream and the schedule of the event: 


3pm doors open for Livestreaming TYBR stories, face painting, gathering (only RSVPs will be permitted entry)

4p-4:45 Speakers each for 5-10 minutes  




Joseph Eli

4:45-4:55 Joseph Eli leads warmup qigong 

4:55-5:05 Introduction to Ecstatic dance/eye gazing and reference to cocoa available on side tables by Luis and Claudia  

5:05-5:20 Eye gazing experience lead by @jolennypiedra 

5:20-6:30 Ecstatic dance set by @CoreyChase108  

6:30 Luis acoustic closure?  

We believe:

that anything can be healed

that symptoms are meaningful messages to me, from me, about me

that I am in charge of my health

that the human body is powerful in unquantifiable ways

that I love my body

that I trust my body

that healing our past can set us free to live more fully

that my soul expresses through my body

that nature is me and I am nature

that microbes are helpers

that food, community, and movement are my medicine

that health is self-discovery

that I am empowered

that my body is safe

We are growing a field of gratitude for what it is to be human, for our mysteriously incredible bodies, and for our connection to likeminds and hearts.

Have you been wondering what YOU can do to evolve the energy on the planet right now?

It’s time for a new kind of protest – a declaration of what health is to those of us who have reclaimed it! It’s time to choose empowerment, joy, and positivity and to honor the incredible wisdom of the human body.

We’re planning a movement that will begin with a rally in Miami (and your city too!) on October 16th. On that day, we will rise to proclaim our beliefs, express gratitude, and share our inspirational experiences about the power and beauty of the human body, natural health, radical healing, and the capacity of our lifestyle choices to end the war with illness.

Join us at this monumental event where thought leaders, healers, and wellness influencers from all over the world unify to discuss the miraculous vessels we’ve been gifted with, and what’s possible when we learn to love and trust our bodies for their strength and innate intelligence.

We feel it is time to say #ThankYouBody beginning with the #ThankYouBodyRally and that through this intention and action, we become the change we want to see…

Join us for the launch of this live-streamed event, including speakers (Kelly Brogan, Sayer Ji, Kukuwa, Eli Buren), music, dance, gigoing, and much more, in synchronization with over 60 events around the world! Make sure to participate by finding an event near you, or by tuning in from wherever you online. Find out more at https://www.thankyoubodyrally.com !

Please share your healing and gratitude stories and tag us online with the hashtags: #thankyoubody and #thankyoubodyrally Find us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thankyoubodyrally/

Stay in touch, as this was not a singular event, but the inauguration of a worldwide movement of self-reclamation, celebration, and human connection: https://events.thankyoubodyrally.com/

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.

Sayer Ji


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