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Havana._ Cuba and Vietnam have marked 60 years of diplomatic relations on this December, but in fact, links between the two go far of a warm and proven sisterhood.

Less than two years after the victory of the Revolution, Cuba was the first country from Latin America to establish diplomatic links with the Indochinese nation.

That event turned into actions, and these were synthetized in a remark by Fidel Castro that Vietnamese people treasure as a symbol: ‘For Vietnam, Cuba is willing to even give its own blood.’

In September, 1973, Fidel was the first statesman to cross the 17th Parallel, which divided the North and the South in an indivisible country by nature.

Then, Cuban solidarity bonds became stronger and are still visible: a hospital in Quang Binh province; a dairy farm in Son La, a hotel in Hanoi, coffee planting and production assistance, among other cooperation programs, and broad support in international fora.

Cuban cooperation continues: medical and construction assistance and young Vietnamese people keep coming to study in Cuba.

For several years Vietnam has also been supporting Cuba in different ways. Consulting for the Caribbean nation’s rice and coffee plans; investments in the Mariel Especial Development Zone and other programs; scholarships for young Cubans…

And whenever the Caribbean nation has been hit by a hurricane or suffered any other natural disaster, the Vietnamese brothers and sisters have lent a hand with rice.

Year after year, Vietnam has consistently voted at the United Nations for the lifting of the United States blockade against Cuba.

The two Communist Parties and Governments work hand in hand and frequently exchange delegations in both ways

The most recent important visits were that of President of the nation and General Secretary of the Vietnamese Communist Party, Nguyen Phu Trong in March, 2018; and that of Cuban President, Miguel Díaz-Canel, to the Indochinese nation in November, 2018.

On this last occasion the two countries signed a trade agreement that came into effect in April this year and will rule economic and cooperation links in the years to come.

Trade turnover averages 240 million dollars a year, but some of the agreement’s objectives are to double that number in the short run and reaffirm Vietnam as Cuba’s second most important partner in Asia.

The 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations will surely give another boost to those purposes and strengthen a sisterhood that knows no borders.




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