Gut-wrenching moment a woman falls to her knees in tears as she confronts Scott Morrison to beg him for help

  • An African woman fell to Scott Morrison’s feet to beg for help for her family
  • The heartbreaking encounter had just taken place at an event in Rockhampton
  • The woman asked Mr Morrison to take action on the genocide in Cameroon. 

By Alana Mazzoni For Daily Mail Australia

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An African woman has fallen to Scott Morrison’s feet to plead with him to help her family in war-torn Cameroon.

The prime minister had just wrapped up a press conference during the Beef Australia 2021 event in Rockhampton on Tuesday when the heartbreaking encounter took place.

The woman kneeled on the ground to beg Mr Morrison to take action against the ongoing genocide in Cameroon.

Mr Morrison crouched down with the inconsolable woman, saying through tears: ‘I can’t go home’.

‘My people are being killed,’ she said.

The woman kneeled on the ground to plead with Mr Morrison to take action on the ongoing genocide in Cameroon 

The woman then bent over further and appeared kiss the PM’s feet

He put a reassuring hand on the woman’s shoulder, while she emotionally thanked him for speaking with her.

The woman then bent over further and appeared kiss the PM’s feet.

‘You don’t need to do that. Hop up now, hop up now,’ he told her.

Nationals MP and local member Michelle Landry then walked over to assist the woman, telling her she will get her details to help her.

The heartbreaking moment came just hours after Mr Morrison refused to back down from the India travel ban despite a torrent of criticism from high-profile figures and within conservative ranks.

The government is downplaying a threat to jail or fine people who dodge the flight pause, which is in place until at least May 15 because of India’s coronavirus catastrophe.

Former Test cricket opener Michael Slater, who is attempting to return home from a commentary stint in India, said the prime minister had blood on his hands over the decision.

While Mr Morrison labelled the accusation absurd on breakfast TV, he tempered his language at a news conference.

‘I respectfully disagree with the critics on this one,’ he told reporters in Mackay on Tuesday.

Scott Morrison has defended his to ban Australians from returning home from India during a fierce debate with Today show hosts Karl Stefanovic and Ali Langdon on Tuesday  (pictured) 

‘But the buck stops here when it comes to these decisions. I am going to take decisions that I believe will protect Australia from a third wave.’

The prime minister said the rapid escalation of cases arriving from India put enormous pressure on the quarantine regime but denied it showed the system’s weakness.

Mr Morrison has committed to continually review the travel pause.

India recorded more than 300,000 new cases for a 12th straight day but medical experts warn the real number could be up to 10 times higher. 



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