A driver ran over his ex-partner three times and then sent his mum a text message saying he had ‘killed’ her, a court heard.

Zack Coleman, 26, has denied attempted murder after a ‘moment of rage’ in which he drove into the 23-year-old mum of his young son.

Eyewitnesses watched the events unfold as his ex was left unable to move with two collapsed lungs, internal bleeding, a lacerated spleen, a dislocated hip and shoulder, 13 broken ribs, a fractured arm and damage to her kidneys and pancreas.

He then drove away and then sent a text to his mum, saying he had ‘killed’ his ex-girlfriend.

Standing trial at Leicester Crown Court this week, Coleman claims he only intended to cause her serious harm, rather than end her life.

Giving evidence, he said: ‘It was a moment of rage, of madness, I couldn’t control myself.

‘It was like I had another person inside me. It’s the biggest regret of my life, I’ll never be able to forgive myself.’

Coleman had a relationship with the woman for about seven months from the summer of 2017. They split up in 2018 and she later gave birth to their son.

The court heard how Coleman, of Auburn Road in Blaby, had been given a restraining order after threatening his ex and smashing her windows.

But they also had a dispute over how their child suffered two arm fractures, which left Coleman ‘upset and distraught’ and he blamed her for it.

Coleman then saw his former partner walking along Aylestone Road in Leicester at just after 11am on December 3, 2019. He pulled up in his car, a Ford Kuga, and she told him to leave her alone.

He allegedly shouted ‘you watch’ before she got on a bus. He was waiting for her by the time she arrived and the court was told Coleman was ‘shouting angrily’.

In a statement read out by prosecutor James Varley, the woman said: ‘When I ended the relationship with Zack he would threaten to run me over with his car.

‘I was scared that he’d carry out this threat so I took out a restraining order for him not to contact me.’

‘My body went into shock’

She said when she got off the bus she was ‘scared’ and walked onto the green off Sturdee Road.

‘The next thing I remember is Zack driving his car at me,’ she added.

‘I didn’t have time to think or move, it happened out of the blue and I wasn’t expecting it.

‘Zack came at me very fast, he was deliberately driving towards me whilst I was stood on the green. I think my body went into shock.

‘I was laying on the floor, I was trying to get up, but I couldn’t because I was in too much pain.

‘I remember lifting a little bit of my head but I wasn’t able to lift my whole body.

‘The next thing is the sound of the vehicle driving towards me again, I was really scared. I believed Zack was going to kill me.

‘I didn’t think I’d survive’

‘I could hear the sound of the vehicle’s engine coming closer but I was helpless, I couldn’t move. I then felt the vehicle driving over me… straight across my body.

‘I was on the floor thinking I was going to die. I was struggling to breathe and could feel pain, going in and out of consciousness. I didn’t think I’d survive.

‘The next thing I remember is the paramedics attending to my injuries, I don’t remember anything else.’

She told the court she could not remember being hit for a third time.

After texting his mum, she called the police – but Coleman’s alleged victim had already identified him to police. She survived her injuries after three operations.

Coleman’s damaged car was found near his flat and he was said to have asked his arresting officer: ‘Is she dead? Am I going to prison?’

On the way to the police station, Coleman allegedly said: ‘She makes my blood boil’ but gave a no comment interview, on the advice of his solicitor.

Giving evidence in his defence, Coleman said he was frustrated and angry their child’s mum was no longer talking to him.

He explained he was autistic and had suffered a work accident almost three years ago which resulted in his leg being amputated below the knee. As a result he was driving an automatic mobility-scheme car.

‘I didn’t want to kill her’

Coleman said: ‘I flipped out and ran her over. All I can remember is hitting the gas pedal.

‘The bonnet hit her and she fell down. I don’t know what I was thinking… I didn’t want to kill her or anything, I thought it would cause serious bodily harm, a few broken bones… like the pain my little boy went through, I wanted her to

feel the pain as well.’

He said he was doing less than 20mph and added: ‘If I’d wanted to kill her I’d have drove at about 40mph.

‘I know what it’s like to be run over, it don’t necessarily mean you die. Deep down I still loved her as well, there’s never going to be a day I stop thinking about her or loving her, she’s my baby’s mum.

‘I went round and done it [ran over her] again.’

He said he ‘wanted to cause her serious harm, it was a moment of rage, of madness’.

Coleman added: ‘I didn’t want to kill her. All I can say is that I’m sorry for my crime and to show remorse.’

The trial continues.

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