Karl Stefanovic’s powerful message about outdated sex consent laws in schools after her reveals the startling conversation he had with his daughter

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Karl Stefanovic has echoed growing calls for outdated sex consent laws to be overhauled following a concerning conversation with his teenage daughter.

New NSW Police child abuse and sex crimes squad boss Stacey Maloney is leading a push for the state to change its definition of consent because only three per cent of rape cases are convicted.

Consent is a murky area in NSW with 20-year-old laws stating a person has to be awake, conscious, and able to think clearly to agree to sex. 

It comes in the wake of a recent petition demanding schools implement better sex consent education.

Detective Superintendent Maloney appeared on the Today Show on Tuesday, where program co-host Stefanovic opened up a candid discussion he had with his daughter Ava, 15.

Karl Stefanovic (pictured with co host Sylvia Jeffreys on Tuesday) voiced his concerns about NSW’s outdated sex consent laws

‘My daughter told us about us this movement in high schools and one of the things, the most powerful things she said was boys don’t know about consent. And something needs to be done about it,’ Stefanovic began the segment.

Detective Superintendent Maloney agreed. 

‘I think this is a situation that’s highlighting something that’s prominent in the community and certainly something that I think we need to have conversations about,’ she said.

‘I think all of us are having conversations with our kids especially and they are having conversations in schools. 

‘But certainly it’s quite confusing in this state around what consent looks like and I think there needs to be some steps taken to ensure it’s clearer for everyone.’

NSW Police child abuse and sex crimes squad boss Stacey Maloney (pictured) appeared on the program as part of her push for the outdated laws to be overhauled

Stefanovic later stressed the need for consent to be taught in schools. 

‘You have to get to boys because I worry about my daughter going out on the weekend and if she doesn’t give consent and something horrible happens,’ he said.

‘What is consent? How do you describe to a year 8 boy what consent is?’

A petition was launched last week demanding schools implement better sex consent education.

Launched by former Kambala student Chanel Contos, 22, the petition has uncovered disturbing allegations against boys from prestigious private schools.

More to come. 

Stefanovic voiced his concerns while recalling a candid discussion with daughter Ava




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